With most peoples' busy schedules, a visually appealing workspace is wishful thinking. Heck, for some people a space dedicated solely to getting stuff done would be a dream come true. With that said, it's pretty easy to let your workspace get cluttered. I think putting in a little effort to dress it up can help keep that from happening.

Remember that episode of Friends where they walk in on Monica using a handheld vacuum to clean the upright vacuum? I look at keeping a clean workspace as being similar to that. No, you don't need to start running a handheld vac around your desk...but a wipe down once in a while won't hurt.
If you take a little time to get things organized and toss a few decorative items onto your workspace, you may find yourself a bit more motivated to keep it that way. I don't know about you, but I tend to be much more productive when I'm not distracted by papers sprawled everywhere.

Admittedly, most of the stuff on my desk doesn't get used regularly. The gold stapler has never joined two pieces of paper, I haven't gotten to the age where I need a magnifying glass yet, and those Ticonderoga pencils haven't even seen a glimpse of a sharpener (I keep the pens and pencils I actually use in the drawer). I mostly use my desk for working on the computer, paying bills, and handling other basic paperwork. So, for me, it's less about having a ton of space and more about looking good.

One of the things I do use is the pair of golden hands. As you can see, I keep my watch on one and a few of my favorite bracelets on the other. Unfortunately I got them last year and they aren't available anymore, but I've seen similar items at HomeGoods and a few other places. Basically they're a unique and functional way to hold things I use regularly without being an eyesore.
To bring things together on the left side, I tossed a stack of notecards onto a picture frame easel. I wish I could take credit for that idea, but I stole it from my (very stylish) aunt. A set of notebooks that are purely for looks are stacked nicely beneath another watch and next to them sits a vintage antiqued-brass clothespin paperweight I got from my dad years ago. It's nothing to write home about, but it's a cool piece. A HomeGoods magnifying glass with a cool black and white checkered handle (probably cost me less than $10) sits "below" the notebooks.

To the back right of my desk I leaned a set of vintage camera prints I got years ago. I actually came across them on Stumbleupon (remember that?) a few years ago and they were free to download. I printed them at home, bought a set of frames from Michaels, added an extra mat (I'm a big fan), and had two cool pieces for less than $20.

A zinc letter from Restoration Hardware (which, sadly, they don't sell anymore), Precious Moments cup (which I'm pretty sure is from when I was a baby), and a gold stapler from Target sit next to my other favorite element: the tray. I received the tray itself as a gift - it's a mirrored base with polished sides (similar here). Sitting on the tray are three products from my favorite fragrance brand, Jo Malone. The Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne is my all time favorite fragrance, hence the special placement. The coordinating candle and a travel size Blackberry & Bay cologne keep it company.
If you take the time to dress up your workspace a bit, you may be surprised how much less you'll hate doing what needs to be done. I'm not saying it'll work miracles, but it'll help ease some of the pain.


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