I'll be honest, I'm not much for holiday decorations. The one exception, however, is Christmas. Since I was young, my mom would put up elaborate garlands, huge trees, and other fun bits. After years of watching and helping her, I've earned a reputation among family and friends as being an expert. This time of year I'm always receiving requests to help set up trees and make houses feel festive.
I think what draws me to Christmas decorations as opposed to any other holiday is the fact you can find a lot of great neutral options. They say green is nature's neutral, so I guess that's acceptable! Plus, who doesn't love a good plaid pattern here and there? A cool plaid throw is an easy way to add some festive style to a space. The one above is from Pottery Barn, as is the faux fur pillow.
You don't need to go all-out to make the house feel festive. Toss a garland on the mantle or wrap one around the banister. Grab a few little decorative trees and place them randomly throughout the house. Swap your faux flowers with poinsettias, iced branches, or seasonal berries. Find things you like, then find a place for them. Don't feel like you need to go look specifically for a centerpiece, pillows, etc. Even more important, remember it doesn't need to say "Merry Christmas" to be considered a seasonal decoration.
The toughest part about holiday decorations is having a place to store them after you take them down. For people who have limited storage, I recommend getting a storage tote you know you have room for and making sure everything will fit in there. The best advice I give is start small and build each year. Right after Christmas is a great time to buy things because everything goes on sale. Don't be afraid to take advantage!

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!


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